North Carolina Historic Site

Cameron Yards Municipal Stadium Since 1927. Home of the 1927 Little League World Series. Registered at North Carolina Historical Society.

    Rendering of  HOA approved Expansion of Cameron Yards.    Construction commences Summer 2021 . Construction was delayed for over 14 months as a result of contentious  discussions and legal wrangling , but per court order,  Zagnut bars WILL in fact be available  be available at  Stadium concessions beginning with the 2022 season.


Park Sharon’s last season of football at The Yards 1972


May 2  Fireworks After doubleheader
May 7  Free Bat Night to the first 10,000 Fans
May 27  Nickel Beer Night All night long.
June 1  Benny Broderick displays his Antique Zipper collection
June 2  Nickel beer nite and free bat night.
June 28 The Culligan Man Performs “Oklahoma” after game.
June 29  Kids Win prizes if they run around the bases and reach home plate before “Big Chief Sixpack” finds first base.. Sparklers and and Eric’s roman candle he has for 4 years after game.
June 30 Free Potted Meat to the first 10 fans.
July 4  Bottle Rockets and That M-80 Ed has wanted to use after game.
July 6 Farber Bean Appreciation Night
July 7  Using empirical and anecdotal evidence, “Harley” shows fans after game how to create a tear in the space/time continuum..      Fun! Prizes!

July 8 VDW night!  all Veterans of Domestic Wars get in free!

July 23  Danny Most (Ralph Malph from Happy Days) will again sing the National Anthem.

July 24  REUNION at The Yards. All the Security Guards from The “Star Trek” series who went on Landing party detail who never stood even a sliver of a chance of returning to ship will reunite for a 45 yr reunion after the Game.
July 25  Jose Gomez, former Voice of The “Frito Bandito, tells anecdotes between innings.
July 26  Dan Blocker Tribute night
July 28  Free hemo-cult test to the first 1000 fans.
July 30  Couples Night. All Couples half price admission. After the game Couples will enjoy music from a live band and your Favorite beverage. Husbands are invited to exchange data with each other and wives are invited to conjecture on the state of other couples’ Marriages.July 31 Fireworks…door prizes
Aug. 1 Two Live Bands after Game. Alternative Rock bans “The Vomit Spaniels” and “Beagly-Beagly and the Stretchmarks” perform live.
Aug. 2 Any Fan Named ” Dirk ” gets in free.
Aug. 3 Pitbulls to be unleashed on a Mime during 7th inning stretch.
Aug 5 Flynn and Ohara Night Catholic School Pants that can literally stand on their own will Race. Prizes
Aug 6 Braille Hollerin’ contest after game        

 Aug. 7 “New Americana Night!  -First 2000 guests get either a bag of fertilizer,  pressure cooker, or box cutter                                                                                       

Aug. 15 Hygiene Awareness Night. Join with Mule Players to help promote proper hygiene. Fans who bring nail clippings get in for a dollar off!

Aug. 16. First 3000 fans get an 8 x 10 glossy of Danny Bonaduce

.Aug. 17 “Stamp out Skidmarks” night. Fans that bring an article of clothing with visible skidmarks on it get in for half price    

Aug. 18 Meeting of The Undead Gather at Cameron Yards for reunion before game.. Free admission. Must Bring Covered dish..

Aug. 20  Jart night! Mules in conjunction with The Hasbro Corporation will give “Jart Brand” Lawn darts to first 5000 fans. In addition , all draft beers 50 cents!

Aug 23 The New Zoo Review Teaches the Letter “K”   Henrietta The Hippo Joins us!

Aug 27 Free Smock to the first 50 fans

Aug. 28 WFNZ “The Fox” night. JohnBoy will laugh hysterically at his own bits between innings.
Sep 2 Fly Fishing demonstrations between Innings
Aug. 19 Meeting of The Undead Gather at Cameron Yards for reunion before game.. Free admission. Must Bring Covered dish.
Aug. 30 Using a scissor lift aerial tower 120 feet above the field, courtesy of Sunbelt Rentals, one lucky fan will get chance to see if a cat really does have 9 lives.
Sep 2 Fly Fishing demonstrations between Innings
Sep. 3 “Make a HipHop Video in 6 Easy Steps” demonstration provided by “Dr. Ice Dray-Z Scoop-DogmasterDre- FunkZ 2000” after Game. The Doctor shows fans how to make their very own hip-hop video at home in under in 5 minutes: 1)align ballcap off to side to infer you mean business 2) look angry 3) suggest you can have sex when you want it/where you want it. 4) Have Barely dressed woman heave Loins in your face 5) Flail your fingers at Camera repeatedly 6) grab your Unit over and over. Then Repeat, and repeat again. Then repeat. All for the price of one admission ticket. Fun! prizes!
Sep. 7 Greased Pig Race
Sep. 8 Rottweiler’s to be unleashed on a Mime during 7th inning stretch.
Sep. 9 Free Yugo Automobile to 5000 fan
Sep. 10 Greased Llama Race                                                                        
Sep. 18 Fescue Germination demonstration.

Sep 20 Greased Goldfish Race
Sep. 19 Free 2013 Mercedes Benz C-550 to 45,000 fan
Sep. 22 A really Pissed Tabby Cat to be unleashed on a mime during 7th inning stretch

Sep 23  Famous Hollywood Key Grip Leonard Novitsky  Shares  Hilarious Industry anecdotes between innings.
Sep. 24 Colon Cancer Awareness Night. Free Colonoscopy’s to 10 lucky fans at half time and a 40% off Sigmoidscopy with purchase of Bo-rounds courtesy Bojangles (limit 4 per family)

Sep. 25 Mules Logo Emblazoned Bearnaise Sauce Ladle to first 10,000 fans

Sep.26  Any Fan Named “Skeeter” or “Biff” gets in free
Sep. 29 Larry Storch tribute night
Sep. 30 Free Barium Enema to the first 100 fans.
Oct. 1     Frances Bavier (Aunt Bea) lookalike night Oct 2 Javelin tossing contest

 Oct 2    “Back to Dads Agency” Night   Celebrate as 13 of 14 minor leaguers don’t make it to the show and reluctantly go back home to work at dads plant

Cameron Yards prior to Contraction circa 1935



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