Cameron Yards History

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Second version Of Cameron Yards Long Before Park Rd was extended out to Pineville. It was briefly Called Clark Field after Thadeus Clark, who fell into the Outhouse hole and was never the same. One of The first photographs Of Cameron Yards when 8th annual Little League World Series  was held at the Yards. Millard Fillmore attended game but left when he sat on Cotton Candy but legend has it he left when he overheard fans whispering that he smelled like Sea Bass.
First team bus circa 1918 was donated by local industrialist J. Rutgers Gullet but the bus got no use since roads had not been invented yet

Stars that have passed through “The Yards”
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“Maddog” Knotts  1969 RBI leader . Now resides under Giants Stadium Stuben Fricks  1943 Triple Crown Winner. Was released abruptly when he wouldnt stop that “sniffing” thing that irritated his teammates. Gregory “Ruiz” Ruiz   or “Ruiz” as he was fondly known. First Player to bat over 210. at The Yards. Retired early with  Irritable Bowel Syndrome. glove.jpg jasper.doc.jpg
Samantha Washington released after 1968 season for departing stadium mid-game to go home and watch the “Mr. Ed” series finale. Bert Wordsworth -Three time GOLD GLOVE WINNER    Played 4 seasons at Cameron Yards In Mid 60s. Always a Fan favorite for his habit of using reflexive Pronouns in conjunction with dangling Participles. Snooks Hoyt. First to have 3 consecutive 40+ HR seasons.(1976,77,78) Always the hypochondriac, he Retired in 1981 when he felt he suffered ill-effects from the pre-emergent applied on the field.
Grover Buckholz  (3B)  (1958-1961)  First Crimson Mule Player to vioilate the “avoid Fire Ant Mounds” rule.

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1942 1947 1951 1958
Chief Sixpack 2003 “Oinky” 1973 Mr. Cackles* Frances  (1985)
*Under Court order, a sealed legal agreement referencing his inappropriate  relationship with a Beagle prevents us from discussing his tenure –  Editor
Boris Lumpkin   1983   Terminated after unfortunate incident after his return from his holiday to Mexico. “Timmy The Mule”.   Mascot from June 2-June 3, 1956.  Didnt Go over well with the children in the Audience, and by the end of his first night, the stands were empty by the 5th inning.  Was terminated for trying to wrestle an “Oh Henry” bar from a Spectator. Was provided handsome severance package. Later when on the become CFO at Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Meet “Mahesh Gupta the mule,” our 2012 mascot

ABANDONED FOOTBALL IN THE MID 70’s.Some archived photos from their last season below   
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The mound at Cameron yards was the designated as NC historical site when it
was realized that the hill was the eastern most MOUND from the ancient
Mound Builders of Missouri
To The Left is a Rendering of The proposed Cameron Yards Municipal Stadium Dome in 1976. We Chartered Central Piedmont Community College’s New College of Architecture To Design State-of-the-art Dome and entertainment Facility. Idea never came to fruition when we realized there was lack of clear communication when we discovered the student- architects didnt realize field was to be inside  the Dome..
mayan.jpg The site where Cameron Yards Municipal Stadium lies and adjacent acreage was the the site of Mayan Ruins excavations in early 1900s, hence its designation as a North Carolina Historical site.
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The site Where Cameron Yards Lies now was the site of an important meeting between Santa Ana and Kubla Kahn before their march on Waterloo and the defeat of Stonewall Jackson.  Refreshments were served. In 1961 The largest Small Mouth Perch Ever caught in NC was pulled from what is now Cameron Wood Pond by young Gustaf Everhart, a coltish Chap with a pert, upturned nose and  glint of mischief in his eye. The fish went on to live in what is now Cameron Wood and served on The Homeowners Association thru 1991. IN 1974, Cameron Yards, was very briefly the home of the Detroit Wheels on the World Football League.  The Wheels where the first WFL team to run into financial difficulties and moved To Cameron Yards to enhance fan base and continue season. However, the IRS seized  all uniforms and equipment plus that real nice Leather ball in an attempt to pay the numerous creditors.  The team ceased operations. The league went under a year later.
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The Acreage where Cameron Wood now stands was a popular recreational spot for South Mecklenburg High school students when  the school was built in 1960. It was at this spot that Mary Beth Kopernicky became a virgin for the very 7th time. Between 1904-1945 the railyard for the “Atchison, Topeka, and Cameron Yards Railway” sat adjacent to The site where the stadium sits.  The railway commuted fans from downtown Charlotte To the Stadium. The Railway ceased operation in 1945 when a large but assertive bunny collided  with an Engine in minor  rail mishap.
In 1991 “Twiki” honored Cameron Yards by throwing out the first pitch to the delight of fans.   “Twiki” , three years removed from The Betty Ford Center for substance abuse, can now be seen on the CBS show “The Surreal Life” on television and is currently on tour promoting his current book “The Coming Iridium Crisis” now available at your favorite bookstores.
stockdale.jpg In 1993 Admiral Stockdale threw out the first pitch.
storch.jpg 1969   Larry Storch
kerrythrow.jpg 2004 John Kerry. He had a plan.
baker.jpg 1995   Former Senator and White House Chief Of Staff Howard Baker. The Senator stayed for the Buffet.
madden.jpg 1970    Dave Madden, alias “Ruben Kincaid”
stassen.jpg 1953 Harold Stassen Threw out the first pitch
July 4th  Doubleheader  1988  Jeffrey Dahmer
dirk.jpg 1976  Dirk Benedict of Battlestar Gallactaca Threw out the first pitch and was Master of Ceremonies for the Anvil Tossin’ Contest
cruise.jpg 1998 Scientologist and L. Ron Hubbard disciple Tom Cruise threw out the first pitch.
akbar.jpg 1961  Decorated Korean War hero Admiral Warren F. Ackbar. With his exposure at the “Yards”, His career took off and   he later went on to cameo roles in Feature Films and sat on the Center Square of Hollywood Squares from 1981-84   He has just completed his memoirs and enjoys coin collecting and banjo playing.
1937 FDR and The first lady visited Cameron Yards in celebration of the expansion of the Stadium. After the game and party FDR let slip within earshot of   a Charlotte News reporter that he was faking his paralysis just to avoid intimate relations with Eleanor.
mounds.jpg The Mound That lies adjacent to what is now Cameron Yards Stadium was the farthermost east Mound built by the Native American Mound builders of Missouri. The area was later captured and settled by Capt. Horatio “Hollers Alot”  Birnen during the Brief Canadian-Bolivian conflict that was fought in the areas that now comprise Cameron Wood. Despite many successes in Battle, Birnen was know to have alienated his troops by uttering the terms “eegad!” and “Yowser!” in the heat of Battle.    Birnen later  settled in the area and opened a  successful Canned Ham distributorship in the area that is now Pineville..
syknyrd.jpg In 1989, after a doubleheader “Lynyrd Skynard” appeared to promote the “Most of Us Are Dead” Tour